Webmeeting "E-Commerce: Logistics, Users and Platforms"

  • April 26, 2021
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Webmeeting "E-Commerce: Logistics, Users and Platforms"

Join us at the International Trade & Logistics Committee webmeeting for an in-depth conversation about: "E-Commerce: Logistics, Users, and Platforms"

Fulfilling our mission to promote and improve bilateral trade between Brazil and the richest U.S. state, we are hosting this webmeeting to address how e-commerce has become a powerful way to trade, both domestically and internationally. Our speakers are experts in this field, and will not only share their thoughts and insights, but also debate how our members can operate and benefit from e-commerce from the perspective of sellers and logistics operators.

The speakers debating the impacts and importance of e-Commerce to our bilateral trade are: 

  • Paul Welsh from Dependable Global Express (DGX). Paul comes from a background of competitive bicycle racing throughout the western U.S. After completing his BS in Business Administration, Marketing Emphasis at Long Beach State University, Paul secured positions throughout the U.S. bicycle industry including wholesale, manufacturing, marketing and advertising duties. In 2006, Paul transitioned to the world of transportation and logistics, focused in project cargo, export packing, oversized/heavy lift operations, heavy haul and freight forwarding disciplines. Since 2018, Paul has been working as an international account manager for Dependable Global Express (DGX), the international division of the Dependable Supply Chain family based in Los Angeles, California.

  • Loier Cunha from IMportantEX. Loier is an international business developer that connects the North and Latin American markets, promoting the increase of competitiveness, contributing to the development of these countries' economies. After more than 20 years of experience in International Trade, Logistics and Project Management working for highly complex projects and multinational companies, he's created and founded IMportantEX, a company based in Florida, USA, that has the mission of promoting and supporting trade between Latin & North America.

April 30th, 9:30am PDT, when we'll discuss this and much more

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